Jewish Heritage

According to the legend, the first jews settled in the Iberian Peninsula during the reign of King Solomon, around 900 bC. In the 12th century, when the Kingdom of Portugal was established, the jewish community received the tolerance and protection of the Kings. During this time the jewish people made important donations to the Portuguese crown and, centuries later, during the golden age of the discoveries of the 13th and 15th centuries, once again revealed to be of great importance in many areas, including scientific, commercial and financial support.

The contribution of the Sephardic Jews for the history of Portugal and the world spans for over 500 years. From the maritime discoveries to medicine and economy, it is possible to admire signs of the Jewish Heritage all over the country. Several cities to the north and center suffered jewish influence and in some of them it is still possible to visit synagogues and other buildings, in Porto, for instance, is located the largest synagog of the Peninsula. Wild Douro created exclusive programs that will take you to get to know the historical remnants of the Jewish Heritage in Portugal.