July 2, 2020

“Portugal: the shortest way between America and Europe”

At a time when world tourism faces enormous challenges, we felt like taking a little trip back in time and going back to the beginnings of tourism promotion in Portugal: “Portugal: the shortest way between America and Europe”. This was the very first Portuguese advertising poster, published by the newly created Portugal’s Propaganda Society.
December 23, 2019

Blossoming Almonds Trees

They announce the end of the Winter and transform the scenery into a colourful poem. Over 100 thousand almond trees form a white and pink mantle over the cliffy International Douro landscape. A unique and special story that only happens in this exact time of the year.
December 10, 2018

Minho, Douro and Alentejo The Kingdom of Portuguese Wines

Although geographically small, Portugal is famous for its extraordinary wine and food variety. From north to south it is possible to find wonderful and differentiated wines that pair century old recipes reinvented by both cooks and awarded chefs. Portugal has 14 wine regions, but today we will mention 3, the ones that asserted themselves internationally. The Minho, region where Portugal was founded, is rich in monastic gastronomy such was the importance of the church in the beginning of our history. The Minho is also...