Although of small dimensions, Portugal is recognized by its magnificent food and wine variety. From north to south it is possible to discover wonderful and differentiated wines that pair with secular dishes reinvented by simple cooks of by award winning, world renowned chefs.

Minho, region where Portugal was founded, is rich in convent gastronomy such was the importance of the church in the beginning of our history. The Minho is also the only wine region in the world to produce the vinho verde, of grapes made fresh by Atlantic winds that can be tasted in Palaces, manors or vinho verde estates, filled with history.

In the Upper Wine Growing Douro, first demarcated region of the Douro, the famous Port is produced. The importance of this region lies beyond this renowned delicacy, the superb landscape of the Douro Valley, where Man built terraces to plant the vynes on the hillsides of this region of hard soils, gave place to a landscape classified by UNESCO as World Human Heritage. The Douro estates were reinvented in order to welcome visitors that wish to enjoy these experiences.

Alentejo is the region that sooner opened up its doors to wine tourism, reason why was considered the best wine region to visit in 2014 by the USA today. If in the Douro we can find terraces, here the sight is lost in far reaching plains where the vyne is framed by “montados” and olive yards.