Portugal has around 260 days of sunshine per year, bathed by an extensive coastline, with good waves to be surfed every day, you just need to choose how. With these natural features and exceptional weather are the perfect conditions that permit everyone to enjoy the sea and nautical sports, whether someone who is just enjoying the moment and the contact with the waters, or the true pros of water sports.

Imagine to be able to surf first thing in the morning, get in touch with the Portuguese culture by the afternoon and delight with the wonderful gastronomy by night. In Portugal, the popular surf and bodyboarding beaches show a constant wave quality and good basic backup services. In the favorable locations for the practice of water sports, there are surf schools, adequate accommodation, boutique hotels, as other more unpretentious units.

For the surf lovers, don’t forget the Nazaré beach that currently holds the world record for the biggest wave surfed, with 24,38m.