May 11, 2021

Playlist to hear and to feel Portugal

Music, that universal way of saying. Greater heritage of a culture, a nation, a country. For those who dream of traveling to Portugal or for those traveling our country, this is the list of Portuguese music I suggest.

First of all, an explanation. This is a playlist that does not obey any chronology or criteria, except for a very obvious one: being Portuguese. It does reflect a purely personal choice and the way I feel Portuguese music. The one I felt like sharing with you. I will certainly leave out great themes and great interpreters. This is a representative selection of different styles, different periods and different voices. And what they have in common is that they all contain our very own, authentic, Lusitanian DNA.

Music is emotion, feeling, connection. I lived some (quite a few) years abroad, in a context in which I would easily spend many days without speaking or writing a single word in Portuguese (the long and frequent phone calls, at that time, still meant exorbitant bills at the end of the month and were for that reason more contained) and in that period, I found myself feeling a greater need to listen to Portuguese music, to relate through its melody and words with the soul of my country. And the music gave me just that: the feeling of belonging, the comfort of feeling at home, even from a distance.

Sometimes, music is also the bittersweet taste of saudade, that feeling that is so intrinsically part of the Portuguese essence.

Forcibly, music keeps pace with time. From the traditional song to popular music, from classical to light, from rock to pop, from jazz to rap, from fado to protest song - each music, each style, in its own and unique way, leaves traces in each of us, marks a period of life, a historic landmark or even a revolution.

I’m not going to tell the history of each one of these songs or explain the reason why I chose them. That would be too long and too heavy for the task I set for myself. The objective is to feel Portugal through each of these songs. Feel the intensity, the joy, the melancholy, the sadness, the hope, the life, the love or “unlove” that each one of these songs carries. And I'm sure that, even without understanding the words, we understand the emotion. That is the power of music.

This is a playlist with which I imagine myself traveling through Portugal, listening to it loud and clear as I cross mountains, contemplate valleys, travel across plains under a golden sun or while I glide beside the infinite blue of the Atlantic coast. I hope this list will make you travel to places you never visited, join you on extraordinary journeys and, above all, that it will make you feel really close to us.