July 28, 2021

Every Man is an Island

By “The wild unknown traveler”


Every Man is an Island,

A piece of land, lost in an Atlantic sea...

Sun, rain, wind, sounds, aromas,

Awakened senses...


Every Man would like to be an Island,

Where everything is perfect,

Warm, quiet, vibrant, cozy,

Something that is the sum of all the good things in life.


If I could, I’d be part of the Island,

Views where the sea gets lost with the horizon,

Boilers with ponds that mirror the skies,

Surrounded by a verdant pulse like no other.


The Island frees the Island we live on,


Because it takes us to a higher dimension,

Where the food of the Gods connects us to the local and to the tradition,

Where wines connect us to people, laughs and stories,

Where friends get together and the fun doesn't stop,

And where the peace that the serenity of the Island gives us

Is equivalent to the vibrancy of the people living there…


I live the Island and return there constantly,

In memories, in flavors, in travel...


The Island is São Miguel, my Island. And I’d live on the Island, forever!


São Miguel – Azores