December 23, 2019

Blossoming Almonds Trees

Certain journeys can only be made when Nature permits. This is one of them.

Between late February and early March, the Douro International large almond fields burst into bloom. It’s a living poem that springs from the ground and a view that fulfils deep inside.

This is, therefore, the perfect time to travel to the region and get to know thoroughly the places and customs of this other Douro, a Douro that is not made of wine, but of land, stories and traditions, such as the glazed almonds of Moncorvo, the rock engravings of Foz Côa, a trip on the most beautiful railway line in the country or historic villages that have stopped in time. And before you get here, the Alto Douro Wine Region, with its terraced vineyards, where the famous Port Wine is produced in the centenary Estates of the region.

We thought it would be great to combine this tour with a few days in Porto and pay a visit to Salamanca, an imposing and charming city that breathes history, right across the border.

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